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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Often our clients book with us because they want to memorialize the day they’ve been dreaming about and spent months planning in our stunning cinematic-artistry films. The sounds and the style of film bring you back to that moment as nothing else can. Film lets you relive the cheers of the guests at your first kiss as a married couple, the laughter as your partner smashes cake on your face and the tears of your father as he wishes you the best in your new life together.

Yes! All our packages are designed so that you can switch out what best for you and your partner.

Your video is one of the few tangible items you’ll have from your wedding day. Only a film can bring you back to that moment, the feeling, and atmosphere of the day. The sounds, the moving imagery, and the words spoken that day will be an investment in your family’s future. It’s important you budget and book early!

For many people pricing for a wedding, film can be a big unknown. Your budget should be roughly the same as your photography budget. Often couples plan to spend half the amount or less for their video because they feel it’s less important than photos. While we understand that, bear in mind that the amount of work associated with making a video is more than the amount of work as photography. The cost is directly related to experience, equipment, time and what you take home when you’re wedding is over.

Yes! Make an appointment with us anytime through our calendar.

The short answer is, you won’t need to! As you’ve already probably noticed, all of our work has a distinctive style. We train and ensure that every cinematographer lives up to our company’s and bride’s standards. After you book with us, we will assign you a cinematographer to your wedding. A week before the wedding when your final timeline is confirmed, your lead cinematographer will give you a call to introduce himself/herself and go over details.

  • We strive to fit the personality and story of each couple in our wedding films to be uniquely catered for you. Our story emphasis in your story will make your wedding film a worthwhile investment. It’s about capturing the authentic moments that move you to tears or overwhelm you with joy. We want to be sure that your day is not only beautifully captured, but represents you as a couple. 


  • Brooke Griffin is the creator and editor of Silver Screen Weddings. Her experience in weddings goes back almost 10 years. Beyond weddings, she continues to run her video production company, Griffin Studios, where she’s worked with big-name companies like Facebook and Vita Coco. As a professional film producer, she has a wide variety of experience and brings her knowledge of film and business to Silver Screen Weddings.


We use everything we need to create a professional film for you! Our cameras, which range from Canon 1DX II to Sony A7SII. All of our cameras shoot in HD/4K. We have steadicam systems, sliders, and state-of-the-art audio gear to capture your day.

Our focus is on your story. We don’t have a formula we follow, nor do we copy other wedding filmmakers. Each film is designed uniquely for each couple. We focus on the emotions of the day and the best way to cinematically capture and tell your story.

Photography can be tricky! We don’t want to let anything get in the way of their work. That’s why we work closely with photographers to make sure they are able to do their job while we ensure we get what we need.

We know you are so excited to see your video! We want to get it to you ASAP, but creating artwork takes time. Each wedding and order is different. The timeline can vary greatly. Our typical timeline is between 1-3 months.

During a wedding, there are many things happening almost simultaneously. With multiple cinematographers, we are able to capture more of your day. We can capture the multitude of little moments that pass by in a heartbeat as well as those big moments.

Legally, we need to get licensed music. If you have a song in mind, feel free to send it to us and we will keep that song in mind while editing your video.

  • Time is a luxury. The more you have, the more beautiful moments and tangible details we can capture and sprinkle throughout your film. Allowing us to capture prep helps us build anticipation. Glasses are clinking, girls are giggling and the champagne is flowing. Everyone is excited! During the photo session, carve out a little time for your cinematographers. With more time, we can film you walking into the sunset from afar, but we also have time to get some close-up emotional details, like the way she squeezes your hand or the way your ring sparkles in the sunlight.


This is a unique time where you are with your best friends, young and beautiful. Those moments of build-up and anticipation are unlike any other. This might be some of your favorite footage later! I would highly recommend capturing these moments.

We like to stay out of your way. We are there to document this time and don’t want to distract you from the excitement of your day.

It’s so important to let your cinematographers know that you respect their artistry and that you want to position them to capture the best footage. It takes to make a beautiful film, from pre-production and post-production to the extra time needed on the day.

  • Although we completely understand where you are coming from, we are in the business of creating and selling footage. Raw footage has a value that goes further than the tangible device it’s stored on. We have staff, their time, and our intelligential property to consider when pricing all of the products and services we offer.


Fantastic! We can’t wait to hear from you. You can start by filling out our contact form your scheduling your consultation.